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Volunteer Orientation
March 26
4 00 PM to 7 00 PM

Come find out about Beauty From Ashes™ and how you can be a modern day abolitionist. 

We are 100% volunteer driven and have served over 2000 survivors since 2005!  EVERYDAY, we provide direct services to survivors, their families, and support to first responders, social workers, therapists, a care workers from faith based and secular agencies/organizations.  

As a pioneering, overcomer-led, anti-trafficking, 501c3, nonprofit, we are seeking persons who desire to become modern day abolitionists.  

In addition to passing a level two background check, persons must have a PASSION to do something about HUMAN TRAFFICKING and HELPING survivors become OVERCOMERS. 

Come find out about Beauty From Ashes™ if you have an interest to help in any of the below areas:

Social Networking
Event Coordination
Volunteer Coordination 
Barn and/or Equine Care
Graphic Design
Public Relations
Garden and/or Grounds Care
Transportation (Clients and/or Volunteers)
Counseling (Master's Level Required)
Internships (College and Non College)
Cooks (For Clients/Volunteers &/or Events)

Limited Seating. Registration Required.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Beauty From Ashes™ Ministries mission is to educate, advocate for,  reach and restore victims of sexual abuse, exploitation, and human sex trafficking.

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