Voiceless & Faceless Victims Revealed

Human trafficking is considered a crime with faceless & voiceless victims. 

In an effort to put a voice and a face with the countless victims of commercialized sexual exploitation, our founder, Julie Shematz, after being asked to speak on behalf of the victims at a human trafficking awareness event, asked over-comers from across the nation, "if you had one thing to say, what would that be?"

BFA's Human Trafficking, Voiceless & Faceless Victims Revealed, is a compelling and captivating multi-media presentation that reveals the faces and voices of domestic victims and survivors.  These brave and courageous women have stepped out of the shadows and are no longer voiceless & faceless victims.  Hearing what's on their hearts and seeing their faces will deeply move you. 

Additionally, the presentation addresses demand, what is fueling the sex-for-sale industry and includes studies and references from sources around the world.

Here are some of the comments made the first time Julie shared this unique presentation at the "Out of the Shadows" Human Trafficking Symposium at Florida Gulf Coast University:

"It was powerful to hear from the various survivors from across the nation and to see their faces and families.  It made the problem of sex trafficking more real."

"Was a great presentation!"

"Julie Shematz was exceptional, well spoken & brave..."

"Not a person in the room moved and Julie's presentation captivated everyone."

"Everyone needs to see and hear this."