Sex Worker AfterCARE Givers Training

Program Goal:
To educate, train and equip afterCARE givers to provide effective restoration interventions to sexual exploitation and trafficking victims.  

Phase One       
   Develop and implement, a best practices, faith based, victim-centered, comprehensive model that advocates, prevents, reaches, rescues, and restores victims of sexual exploitation, abuse, and trafficking.

Phase Two
   Teach model to faith based organizations.

National Sex Industry OutREACH & AfterCARE Training

BFA Structure
BFA Operations Flow Chart
Human Trafficking & Sex Trafficking
Who are the Victims?
Bias & Prejudice

Mental Health Challenges
Strip Club/Sex Industry OutREACH
Building Your Team
           Drug Dependence, Co-Occuring Disorders, and Treatment
   Community Engagement
   Public Information
           Common Issues of Sex Workers & Boundaries
          Health Care Workers
     The Traffickers & the Facilitators
Phase Three
    Develop, incorporate, and implement Equine and Art Therapuetic programs         

Phase Four
    Provide continued educational and training opportunities to afterCARE givers, staff and general public. 

Program Objectives:   
    • To adequately prepare afterCARE givers to provide the best possible restoration care to the victims.       
    • To present afterCARE givers continuing opportunities to learn and grow as more information is learned and developed by other organizations.     
    • To provide Equine and Art Therapuetic opportunities to afterCARE givers, staff, and general public.

To schedule a training , please fill out the following APPEARANCE REQUEST FORM.  

To schedule an individual or group session in Equine or Art Therapy, call (239) 939-9218 or Email.