Art Instruction

BFA founder, Julie Shematz, has been an art instructor to all ages & levels for over 20 years.  With a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University/Herron School of Art, she also studied Art Education K-12 at Purdue University.   She also taught advanced art classes for minors at Purdue, as well as private academies.  She specializes in teaching mixed media and adapts lessons to student's skill level and interests while providing Discipline Based Art Education (DBAE).  Many of Julie's students have won numerous art awards and scholarships. 

For Group and Individual Sessions, and Commissions call (239) 939-9218 or Email.

Individual Session
1 hour - $35 Donation

Group Sessions
2 hours - $70 Donation
Up to 5 Individuals

2 hours -$150 Donation 
Up to 10 Individuals 

Scholarships Available