Since 2005, BFA has been working within the local and national community to provide restoration services to victims. 

Program Goal:  To provide the necessary services in order for victims to become over-comers.
Foundations of Care   
    Treating people with dignity and respect   
    Security and facilities   
    Intake procedures   
    Holistic health care   
    Physical health care   
    Mental health care   
    Counseling and therapy   
    Education and life skills training   
    Legal services   
    Discipleship classes   
    Vocational training and/or career guidance   
    Spiritual care   
    Referrals to other organizations

Program Objectives:   
    •  Work with existing organizations to develop the most effective and comprehensive program(s) for healing and restoration.   
    •  Provision of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing for victims.   
    •  Restore dignity, respect and self-worth to victims.   
    •  Provide educational needs, life skill development and career building opportunities.   
    •  Acclimating over-comers back into society to be productive members of the community.