Adolescents and Teen Presentations

Beauty From Ashes recognizes the need to reach youth, teens, parents, educators, churches & social service providers in order to educate them about the sex-for-sale business and dangers of sex trafficking.  

The multi-media presentations are designed for private or public audiences.  The objective is to educate the public on the truths, dangers and lies of the sex industry and to raise awareness that will prevent others from entering into it.

    "Julie was our keynote speaker as well as workshop presenter at True Beauty . . . where she spoke to girls between the ages of nine and 18 years old . . . she spoke to the girls about what true beauty is, versus the messages from the media, where true beauty comes from, and encouraged girls to celebrate who they are as the unique and beautiful individual they were created to be.  During her worship presentations she spoke to girls about goal-setting: how, why, and inspired girls to reach for their dreams and make them a reality. 
     Julie led a workshop at the Girls Protecting Girls event, for girls between 6th and 12th grade and parents and adults in our community.  Julie shared valuable insight with young girls on the warning signs and red flags to watch for in relationships and predators from the human trafficking industry.  She created beautiful handouts highlighting the important signs and red flags with information on who to contact with questions and seek out help from should a girl recognize those signs in her relationship(s) or in another. 
     Julie is always professional, friendly, and caring in her approach to presenting and interacting with the girls she is working with.  Her passion for helping others and the joy she receives from doing so is evident in all she does.  Her presentations:  materials, preparation, and physical presentation are always of excellent quality and captivating to her audiences. 
     It has been a joy to know and work with Julie to serve the girls in our community together.  I appreciate her work individually and collectively in "building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place."
 - Ann-Marie Matthews, Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida

Awareness leads to prevention and intervention.

Presentation topics:
• True Beauty
• Girls Protecting Girls from Human Trafficking
• Human Trafficking: Recognizing Romance & Red Flags
• Intimacy
• It's Not Glamorous
• Sex & the Consequences of Pre-Marital Sex
• Godliness versus worldliness
• Fatherless Generation
External & Internal behaviors
• Modesty
• Fulfilling Your Destiny
• Goal Setting
• Commitments
• The Father's Love
• Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: America's Prostituted Children
• Truth vs. myth of XXX industry
•‘Stripping’ &/or using the sex industry as a stepping stone
• What to do if you know someone that you suspect is being prostituted

With each presentation, it is specifically designed to meet the needs of the audience and is developed collaboratively with event organizer/planner. 

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