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Since 2005, BFA has been training organizations nationwide how to effectively reach & restore victims of sexual exploitation. When Julie Shematz, MA, RMHCI, began doing strip club outREACHes in 2002, there were less than 5 ministries nationwide doing "strip club outREACH".  As of March 2017, there are more than 300 worldwide. 
Program Goal:  To equip others to prevent, advocate for, reach and restore victims.  

Program Objectives:    
    •  Educate and raise awareness
    •  Teach others reach, rescue & restoration models we have developed
    •  Build strong networks  
    •  Reach more sex workers
    •  Establish more slavery abolitionists

        Addressing Demand
Awareness, Prevention, Intervention, Restoration and Advocacy
Beauty From Ashes™ Model of Operations
Best Practices for AfterCARE of Survivors Child Sex Trafficking: Definition, Scope, Recruitment and Control, Developmental Impact, Challenges, Intervention, Treatment and Advocacy Cybersex Addiction Females in Sex Trafficking: Drug Dependence, Co-Occuring Disorders and Treatment
Human Trafficking 101
        Human Trafficking - Hearing from the Victims & Addressing Demand 
Human Trafficking:  Recognizing the Romance and Red Flags
Minors:  Grades 4 through 12
Originally Developed & Presented to Girl Scouts  
      (See below Teens & Youth and College & Young Adults for more)

Human Trafficking:  Recognizing & Responding for Health Care Workers
CEU's available
        Human Trafficking: Sex Industry OutREACH & AfterCARE Training
Faith based, best practices model / Comprehensive 16 module, 3 1/2 day training
It's All About Love The Journey: Captivity to FREEdom Reducing Harm to Survivors: An Overcomer's Perspective Self Care: Secondhand Trauma & Care Taker Burnout Sex Trafficking: Drug Dependence, Co-Occurring Disorders & Treatment Sex Trafficking: Risk Reduction, Response & Therapeutic Approaches         Sex Worker AfterCARE
Street OutREACH
Voiceless & Faceless Victims Revealed

 Teens and Youth and College and Young Adults
     •  Goal Setting 
     •  Human Trafficking: Romance and Red Flags
     •  How to Protect Yourself From Becoming a Victim & Self-Defense
     •  It's Not Glamorous  
     •  True Beauty

20-90 minute, multi-media presentations are custom developed to meet the needs of your event and audience.

To schedule an event or a speaker, please fill out the following APPEARANCE REQUEST FORM or call (239) 939-9218.