First Responders & Service Providers
Since 2005, BFA has been training organizations nationwide how to effectively recognize and respond to victims of sexual exploitation. 
Program Goal:  To equip others to reach, rescue and restore victims with the message there is help and a way out.  

Program Objectives:    
    •  Educate first responders and service providers
    •  Teach them to recognize and how to respond to victims 
    •  Build strong networks  
    •  Help more victims and sex workers
    •  Establish more slavery abolitionists

Whether you are a first responder or service provider, research tells us that you are coming into contact regularly with victims of sex trafficking, abuse, and exploitation.  Our trainings will help you to identify the red flags of sex trafficking, what to expect, and how to respond.  

These trainings have been developed by a Master's level mental health clinician with over 18 years experience working with victims, who also is an overcomer of human trafficking.  Julie Shematz, MA has developed comprehensive trainings for law enforcement, medical providers, call centers, counselors, and social service providers.

20-90 minute, multi-media trainings are custom developed for specific audiences based on the needs of the programs and attendees.  

To schedule an event or a speaker, please fill out the following APPEARANCE REQUEST FORM or call (239) 939-9218.