BFA has been educating and raising awareness about commercialized sexual exploitation and trafficking through means of the internet, workshops, training seminars, speaking engagements; churches, organizations, radio and television since 2005.

Program Goal:  To educate, expand the dissemination of materials, raise awareness and train on the situation and dynamics of domestic minor sex trafficking, adult sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Phase One:
    Branding established with logo and website development.

Phase Two:
Innovative and aggressive marketing campaign through social networking, radio, print, television and bill boards.

Phase Three:
Presentations to groups by means of multiple media, statistics and testimonies of over-comers, including but not limited to Shared Hope International’s 40-minute training video. 
    Churches & Faith organizations
    Public Schools
    Private Schools
    Community Groups

Program Objectives: 
    •  Raise awareness.
    •  Work collaboratively with law enforcement, government, faith based organizations and community organizations.   
    •  Identify trafficking and exploitation situations that require intervention.
    •  Dispel societal myths that the sex industry is glamorous. 
    •  Acquire public, private, commercial and governmental support.
    •  Develop BFA FREEdom™ Coalitions in public, private & college campuses.  
    •  Influence public policy.

Addressing Demand
Aftercare Givers Training
Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking
For Adolescents and Teens
For College and Young Adults
For First Responders and Service Providers
For Healthcare Workers
Faith Based, Best Practices, Sex Industry OutREACH & AfterCARE
Strip Club OutREACH
      XXX OutREACH
      Street OutREACH
      Sex Worker AfterCARE Human Trafficking 101
     Awareness, Prevention, Intervention, Restoration and Advocacy  

How to Recognize and Respond (Continued Education Units Available)
Voiceless & Faceless Victims Revealed

20-90 minute, multi-media presentations can be custom developed to meet the needs of your event and audience. 

To schedule any of the above events, BFA at your event or Julie Shematz, please fill out the following APPEARANCE REQUEST FORM.