The Johns - Solicitors of Prostitutes

Whether they request the sexual services of a minor or not, Johns commit  crimes against the law AND humanity itself. The term 'John' is slang for a  man who solicits sex or sexual favors from a prostitute. They can be of a variety of ethnicities and family situations, and range in socio-economic class and public influence.

Common Profiles of Johns
    The Business Executive VIP
    The Trucker
    The Family Man
    The Day-Laborer

The prevalent misconception that Johns have is that...
A prostitute chooses this life, therefore it is OK to solicit the pleasure and entertainment offered with out feeling guilt or wrong-doing.

What they don't understand is although this may be the case for some adult-entertainers, many prostitutes live in bondage ... in slavery.

Particularly, under-age prostitutes are often "turned out" against their will, or manipulated to think they choose a life of commercial sex transactions.

Regardless of laws that prohibit minors from making such concensual decisions, Johns continue to seek the sexual services of minors. The alarming rate of requests for child prostitutes is directly responsible for fact that, the average entry age of a child prostitute across the U.S. is 13 years old.

Johns represent the demand side of this illegal economic equation. As more customers request younger prostitutes, the more predator-pimps recruit and coerce younger girls to meet the demand.

In this twisted and evil transaction, Johns can be considered the "demand" that propels the injustice of child sex slavery. Due to the aforemetioned misconceptions, we must ensure that all men know the full and weighty implications of their decision to purchase sex from children. In addressing the issue of demand, leading Sex Trafficking scholar (and Beauty From Ashes' Adviser) Dr. Laura J. Lederer gives great insight into why this part of the transaction needs as much attention as the Supply side.

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