Sex-for-Sale Statistics

• The sex industry is a 97.06 billion world wide business annually.

• There are more strip clubs in the United States than any other nation in the world.

• There are 3,829 adult cabarets nationwide, employing over 500,000 people.

• Statistics compiled by ACE show that a single gentlemen's club in a major metropolitan area averages between $10-20 million per year in gross revenues. A small club in a rural area (Less than 5000 square feet) can generate over a million dollars, while cities in secondary markets such as Cleveland or Pittsburgh have clubs that gross approximately $2 million per year.

• The number of major strip clubs nearly doubled between 1987 and 1992, and by 1997 there were around 3000 clubs nationally. The industry is estimated to be a 15 billion dollar business, with the annual revenues of strip clubs ranging from $500,000 to over 5 million (Hanna, 2005; Schlosser, 1997).


There are more women employed by the sex industry than any other time in history.

It is difficult to find statistics about sex workers and sexual violence; due to the once widely-held perception that sex workers could not be victims of rape, scientists only began to study the prevalence of sexual violence against sex workers very recently. Here are a few of the things we do know:
    • One study of violence against women engaged in street prostitution found that 82% reported being physically assaulted in prostitution, and 68% reported having been raped (Farley & Kelly, 2000).
    • This extreme prevalence of violence against sex workers includes both indoor and outdoor sex work – indoor sex workers were also found to be frequent victims of violence (Raphael & Shapiro, 2004).
    • A study of exotic dancers found that 100% had been physically assaulted in the clubs where they were employed, with a prevalence ranging from 3-15 times over the course of their involvement in exotic dancing. Violence included physical assault, attempted vaginal penetration, attempted rape, and rape (Holsopple, 1999).
    • In another study, 51.2% of women working as exotic dancers were threatened with a weapon (Raphael & Shapiro, 2004).

The shame and secrecy surrounding sexual abuse make it difficult to get accurate data regarding incidents what kind of these incidents among women in the sex industry. The studies that have been done reveal:

    • Between 66-90% of women in the sex industry were sexually abused as children.
    • Compared to the general population, women in the sex industry experience higher rates of:
Substance Abuse Issues, Rape and Violent Assault, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Domestic Violence, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Dissociative Identity Disorder
The women in this industry face a myriad of issues that impact their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They are a largely unreached population and many feel desperately isolated and alone. Even those who would contemplate going to church wonder if there truly is a place for them there.
Will they find the restoration they are seeking in the house of God?

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Child pornography generates $3 billion annually.

• There are 10 million children in the Sex Industry right now.
Every minute 2 children are forced into the sex industry.
• This includes forced child prostitution, pornography & sex trade tourism.
• Human Trafficking not only occurs in other countries, but also from other countries to the United States & Canada.
Atlanta, GA is considered the 'hot spot' for child exploitation in the US.
     • Underground movement from Asia & Nepal
     • Sold by parents, tricked or abducted
Sex with children is the #1 choice – “hottest” form of sex in the world.
    • The average cost to de-virginize 8 & 9 year girl or boy is $30K.
         • Doctors, lawyers & business men are primary customers.
    • Children are then put into brothels & made to ‘pay back’ buyers.
    • They are beaten, drugged & raped into submission and often chained to beds.
    • They perform 30-40 tricks a day.
    • At age 13, when little girls have babies, the infant is placed under the bed where mother 'works'.
    • Their average life expectancy is 16-18 years due to HIV & AIDS.
    • These children can’t return to their country or village because they are considered outcasts/‘whores’.

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