Current Needs

BEAUTY FROM ASHES AMAZON WISH LIST: Art supplies & equipment, gift items (for clients/guests), etc.

BIBLES & INSPIRATIONAL BOOKS:  For a complete list of items, including number needed and direct ordering, please visit the Beauty From Ashes Amazon Wish List. 

HORSE SPONSORSHIP:  You can sponsor a horse for a month for $150. For more information on our Equine Programs, CLICK HERE.   We currently have 6 horses, 3 full size and 3 miniature.  Please like them on facebook and watch for posts!
FEED:  $25 a month covers the cost of feed and supplements for one horse. 
HAY:  $80 a month or $20 a week covers the cost of hay for one horse. 
WELLNESS PLAN: $40 a month covers veterinary costs for one horse (shots, teeth floating, Coggins, etc.)

GATE:  14' gate is needed for the ranch to enable us to get the large horse trailer on and off of it versus storing it in another location.

GIFT CARDS:  $25-$100 from Walmart

Individual Session:  $60 (1 hour / snacks, beverages)
Group (up to 10) Session: $25 per person  (1-2.5 hours / snacks. beverages)
Daily Per Diem: $90  (overnight accommodations, food, beverages, holistic wellness activities)

$1800/month Mortgage
        $  300/month Utilities (electric, trash, recycling, water 
softener, etc.)
$  400/month Food
(As of June 2017, we are serving an average of >40 unduplicated persons a month at Eagle's Landing Ranch; Individual & Group Sessions, Bible Studies, Day & Overnight Retreats).

PORTABLE PADDOCK:  We are in need of a portable paddock for the horses when we take them on outings that do not have adequate fenced areas for them.  Having our own portable fencing will enable us to take them to more places in order to facilitate equine assisted therapy and learning.

SUPERVISION:  Until November 21, 2019, for every 10, direct client, hours towards founder and overcomer, Julie's Mental Health Counseling License, 1 hour of supervision is required.  Cost is $50 for 1 hour of supervision, $2600 per year, for a total of $5200 for 2 years.

TRANSPORTATION of HORSES for OUTREACHES:  Sponsor the cost of transporting two horses for outREACHes to locations such as DJJ residential facilities, local parks for day, and overnight outings.  Cost of transporting horses 50 miles round trip, including gas, hay, feed and treats is approximately $50-$100.

WATER:  We go through bottled water quickly! We provide it to all of our guests.  Buy or sponsor a case of water for $4

WEBSITE:  We are in need of $900 to update it, making it mobile, and $59 a month to maintain it. 

If you desire to fund any of these needs, you can give securely online by clicking here or mail your check, cash or money order to Beauty From Ashes™ at 32789 Eiland Blvd, Suite 24 Zephyrhills, FL 33545.  Please note in memo need you are funding.

VOLUNTEERS (We are 100% volunteer driven)
Administrative Assistant
Advisory & Board Members

Barn & Equine Assistants -  To assist with equine and barn maintenance. 
Event Coordinator (does not have to be local)
Food Coordination/Prep
Graphic Designer
Grounds & Maintenance

Interns - College and non-college internships available
Marketing Specialist
Prayer TeamPray through specific prayer email blasts and respond to email prayer requests. 
Social Media Team:

Volunteer Coordinator

Please call 239.939.9218 or email us if you are interested in becoming part of the BFA FREEdom™Team.