Current Needs

Two Truck Tires: We blew a tire on the truck we use to haul the horse trailer, feed and hay, in addition to picking up youth from across tree Tampa Bay Area. They will have to replace the spare before we can use the truck to drive any distances. We use the trust weekly to pick up hay and feed. Cost is approximately $500.
Mower Tire: Our John Deere mower has had a slow leak in the right front tire for months and it's become a faster leak. the tire needs to be replaced in order to mow the 5 acres. Cost is around $100 for one tire.
Garbage Disposal
 is broke and needs to be replaced and installed. Cost is $75-$100.
Sink Faucet in utility sink is cracked and needs to be replaced. This sink is used for art supply and mud clean up.
Pasture Hay Feeders for Horses to keep roll of hay dry and reduce waste. ($895 a piece)
Stall Gates:
 6 stall gates need to be replaced because they have rusted and become bent producing a safety hazard for horses and people. Our current ones are over 6 years old. Link goes to local Tractor Supply. You can purchase them & we pick them up. 
New Lighting 
is needed for the horse barn. The existing lighting doesn't work in 1/2 the stalls. We'd like to add lights to the front, sides and back of barn, also.
Tree Trimming
is needed for the 47 trees on property. Half of these trees are along the road. 
Dirt/Fill for stalls is needed. It has compacted and worn away resulting in water in some of them.
Shell Rock for gate areas on both sides and front of horse barn is needed, due to daily water erosion during rainy season. We've installed landscape blocks to try to prevent dirt from washing away, but the areas are so muddy that rain boots come off in them and the animals have a hard time going through. Shell rock would allow the water to run off them and making the area hard to walk over. 
Fencing (no climb horse fencing + electric on top) around 5 acre property has corroded and needs to be replaced and installed. There are coyotes in the area that we need to keep out in order to protect the smaller animals, including the miniature horses.
Wood Fencing on both sides of the barn are broken. Board sizes are 2x6x12. We need 24 boards. 
Website:  We are in need of $1100 to make our this website mobile friendly. 

2 Horse Stalls are wanted to add to the ends of the existing horse barn.
Air Conditioned Tack Room 
Pole Barn is wanted to park the horse trailers, manure spreader, tractor mower, and golf cart in. Ideally, we wish to have a closed area as well, for storage of farm and/or horse equipment and supplies.
Covered Arena to have equine assisted therapy and learning sessions, regardless of weather. 

We are seeking persons to underwrite, sponsor and/or adopt the costs of these projects. We can acquire estimates with and without labor. This is an excellent group project, if you're interested. Community service hours can be provided. 

BEAUTY FROM ASHES AMAZON WISH LIST: Art supplies and equipment, ranch and gift items (for clients/guests), etc.

BIBLES, JOURNALS, & INSPIRATIONAL BOOKS:  For a complete list of items, including number needed and direct ordering, please visit the Beauty From Ashes Amazon Wish List. 

HORSE or COW SPONSORSHIP:  By sponsoring a horse, donkey, or cow for a month for $100 per animal, it will cover all of their feed and care expenses. For more information on our Equine Programs, CLICK HERE.  We currently have 6 horses, 3 full size and 3 miniature + a miniature donkey and two cows.  We'll even put your name in the barn with the animal(s) names you are sponsoring, send you updates on their well being and how they are doing with clients, give you shouts on social media, provide to you original, one of kind, 2 sided artwork by JulietheArtist, and you will be able to host an event at the ranch.
HAY FOR HORSES, COWS & BUNNIES: We use at least 30 bales of hay a month ($19 a bale) for approximately $570 month. In the winter, 6 rolls a month of hay are needed to keep the horses from pulling up the grass by the roots. Rolls are $65 a piece, totaling $390. We buy direct (as long as it's available) from local farmers. Cost of rolls at feed & hay stores are $75 and up. Any amount you give will help offset the expense! You can even pay our feed and hay dealer directly. Contact Bliss Feed and Hay (813) 782-1129, ask for Dave.

GIFT CARDS:  $25-$100+ from Walmart, Tractor Supply, Home Depot and Rural King.  These cards can be distributed to clients, as well as, used for food, toiletries, paper goods, gas, farm supplies, etc. 

GUEST/CLIENT/PARTNER SPONSORSHIP:  You can sponsor the services (Mental Health Counseling, Mentoring, Retreats, Consulting, and Training) for the populaces of (high risk youth, survivors, and service providers) that we serve.
Individual Session:  $110 (1 hour with snacks and beverages)
Group (up to 10) Session: $60 per person  (1-2.5 hours with snacks and beverages)
Daily Per Diem: $195 (overnight accommodations with food, beverages, holistic wellness activities, and transportation)
Consulting: $110/hr
Training: $495 per person for best practice, Human Trafficking: Sex Industry OutREACH & AfterCARE Training
(Contact our Event Coordinator for interest in sponsoring events, including trainings)

$1500/month Mortgage ($175K balance)
        $   500/month Utilities (electric, trash, recycling, water 
softener, etc.)
$   600/month Food
(As of Decemer 2019, we are serving an average of 51 unduplicated persons a month from Eagle's Landing Ranch; Individual & Group Sessions, Bible Studies, Counseling, Mentoring, Day & Overnight Retreats, and Consulting

NEW TRUCK: Our current truck used to transport persons to and from the ranch, as well as feed and hay, farm supplies, and to pull the two horse trailer, is 20 years old with over 300K miles on it. It's not large enough to pull the 3 horse, steel, trailer that was donated to us. 
The transmission of the truck has been replaced 3 times and the entire truck has almost been rebuilt at least one time. We aren't able to travel out of the area confidently with this truck. A new, larger, truck would be safer, enable us to pull the larger trailer, and travel farther with peace of mind. 

PORTABLE PADDOCK:  We are in need of a portable paddock for the horses when we take them on outings that do not have adequate fenced areas for them.  Having our own portable fencing will enable us to take them to more places in order to facilitate equine assisted therapy and learning. Cost is $300.

SALARIES:  By 2021 or before, we hope to have sustainable income that will support four full time positions plus benefits: FT Executive Director $65K/yr, FT Clinical Program Manager $60K/yr, FT Ranch Manager $50K/yr, FT Case Manager $40K/yr. (Benefits are approximately $10K/yr of each employee's total).

TRANSPORTATION of HORSES for OUTREACHES:  Sponsor the cost of transporting two horses for outREACHes to locations such as DJJ and other residential facilities, local parks for day, and overnight outings. Cost of transporting horses 50 miles round trip, including gas, hay, feed and treats is approximately $75-$200. You can underwrite an outREACH and/or retreat and we'll give you shout outs on social media and provide you with a one of kind, 2 sided, original, mixed media, #horses4FREEdom artwork by JulietheArtist.

WATER:  We go through bottled water quickly! We provide it to all of our guests. Buy or sponsor a case of water for $4

If you desire to fund any of these needs, you can give securely online by clicking here or mail your check, cash or money order to Beauty From Ashes™ at 35817 Tribal Dance Path, Zephyrhills, FL 33541.  Please note in memo need you are funding.

As a way to express our gratitude for giving of over $1000, we'll provide you with a signed, limited edition, one of kind, mixed media, original #horses4FREEdom, artwork by our founder, JulietheArtist. 100% of her #art4FREEdom goes to fight modern day slavery. Check out her facebook fan page to see her most recent work.

VOLUNTEERS (We are 100% volunteer driven)
Administrative Assistant
Advisory & Board Members

Barn & Equine Assistants -  To assist with equine and barn maintenance. 
Food Coordination/Prep
Graphic Designer
Grounds & Maintenance

Interns - High School & College (AA - Master level) and non-college internships available 
Marketing Specialist
Prayer TeamPray through specific prayer email blasts and respond to email prayer requests. 
Social Media Team:

Volunteer Coordinator

Please call 239.939.9218 or email us if you are interested in becoming part of the BFA FREEdom™Team.