8 Things You Can Do

1.  GET INFORMED - Read the following papers by Beauty From Ashes™ (BFA) founder, human trafficking over-comer, Julie Shematz, MA, RMHCI:
•  Child Sex Trafficking: Definition, Scope, Recruitment and Control, Developmental Impact, Challenges, Intervention, Treatment and Advocacy (Shematz, 2010)
•  Females in Sex Trafficking:  Drug Dependence and Treatment (Shematz, 2012)
•  Watch the BFA home page for the latest in domestic human trafficking news.

2.  SIGN UP for the BFA E-Newsletter and stay informed about legislation, trainings, outREACHes, and community engagement.  To sign up, CLICK HERE

3.  SPEAK UP - Share the information by talking about it in person to your friends and family and through social media.  Follow us on twitter and 'like' our Facebook fanpage for the latest national human sex trafficking news, trainings, and happenings. Tweet and re-post!  Contact your local press and news stations and ask them to do a feature on the topic. Awareness leads to Prevention, Intervention, and Restoration.

4.  SCHEDULE AN EVENT in your church, school, business, club or group.  For more information on BFA human trafficking presentations, CLICK HERE.

5.  VOLUNTEER with agencies like BFA that have been on the front lines since 2005, making a difference.  For opportunities to be a slavery abolitionist, CLICK HERE.

6.  GIVE OR RAISE FUNDS to support grass root, domestic, anti-trafficking, and victim service provider agencies.  For BFA Current Needs, CLICK HERE.

7.  REPORT any and all suspected human trafficking activity to 888-3737-888.

8.  PRAY & FAST that the captives be set free.  For Prayer Guide, CLICK HERE.